WINS: Manifestation Stories from the Intenders

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WINS: Manifestation Stories from the Intenders by Tony Burroughs

If you have any doubts about whether the Intention Process or Law of Attraction works, this book, WINS, will alleviate your skepticism and replace it with a newfound power.

"I just wanted you to know that your ebook, WINS is awesome. I am loving it. Way to go !"
Gayle Abrams, Palatka, FL

"I just want to share how I experienced a manifestation in lightning speed. A friend and I were discussing how we were going to put out an intention for my mother to change her mind about a trip to the States. About 15 minutes later, I phoned her to find out how she was, and the first thing she said to me was that she had decided to go and visit my sister in the States. I was ecstatic that I now had a personal experience I could share with all.
Ermelinde Mondriaan, Johannesburg, South Africa

The most relevant piece of information that's been kept hidden from the people of the world is that our thoughts create our future. After all, when we learn to use this valuable knowledge deliberately we are much less apt to be controlled by others, for we are now able to control our own lives. This is what is meant by becoming empowered. Now, we are a power unto ourself, able to manifest whatever we need whenever we need it.

Of course, we could have been taught this potent piece of info (which is oftentimes called the Law of Attraction or The Intention Process) back in first grade, along with Run Spot Run and See Dick and Jane . . . but our teachers and those who prepared us for life in a physical body here on this abundant planet didn't do that, primarily because they didn't know it themselves. Thus, we've been left to flounder through life at the mercy of others who are only too quick to take advantage of the unempowered.

There have been great teachers in the past who have taught this Law but they were few and far between. In recent times, not until The Secret came out did we actually get a glimpse of how this Law really works, and even then it was somewhat cryptic in that it was geared only for personal use without reference to the Highest Good of all and everyone. It showed a handful of entrepreneurs filling their own coffers, but no mention was made of using it in larger groups to create a better future for the whole of humanity. That's where The Intenders came in.

Long before The Secret was released The Intenders were putting this little known Law to its highest and best use by making and manifesting our intentions in our weekly Intenders Circles. Indeed, we were hearing each other's WINS every week in the form of Gratitudes which we voiced because of the intentions we'd previously made that had manifested for us. In fact, that's how we knew the Law of Attraction was working for us. We heard the Gratitudes and we felt the joy of those in our Circles who had just manifested something they'd intended. To us, these were WINS, and every time we heard a WIN it lessened the doubt and uncertainty of everyone in the Circle.

Many years ago in my job as scribe for The Intenders I started keeping track of the best of the WINS we heard. I had a feeling that someday this hidden Law that we call the Intention Process would be rediscovered by the great masses of humanity and that we would want to apply it into our daily experience.

It is our intention that by reading our WINS stories, it will be much easier for you to go out and manifest WINS of your own! 164 pages.

Ebook (Immediate Download)  $5.00     

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