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Vicki Harding Photo

Vicki Harding is the Intenders Office Manager and loves traveling. She practices giving Divine Light and coaches people to assist them on their path.

Vicki has stated her intentions in Intenders Circles all across the country. In the two You Tubes below she shows you how she does it, but she would tell you that there is no set way. Just make sure you say your gratitudes, intentions, and line them up with the Highest Good of the Universe, yourself, and all beings everywhere. So be it and So it is! It is Done!

Vicki also intuitively creates Magical Tools and other handcrafted goodies. She handcrafts each Intenders Talking Feather, Highest Light Pendulum, and Crystal Heart Necklace and blesses it before sending it out to the world.

Intenders Talking Feathers    

You can find her Magical Tools on Our Intenders Shopping Cart and you can contact her at

Dear Vicki Harding,
Today I received in the mail a beautiful quartz crystal necklace as a gift from a friend. He told me that it was crafted by you, and I am writing to thank you for the obvious care and craftwomanship you put into this lovely creation. I am honored to possess this emanation of your heart, mind, hand and appreciate the blessings you spoke over and into it.

With warm wishes,

Hi Vicki:
I just love the purple Pendulum you selected for me! I saw my Reiki Master today & showed it to her. She really liked to excellent quality & high energy of it.

Love & Light,

Dear Vicki,
Thank you so very much for my beautiful dowsing crystal and my talking feather! They were so full of the most beautiful energy and I loved that you hand wrote a message on my items to keep them safe. Your care and energy with these beautiful items is very appreciated! Please keep doing what you are doing!

I have recently joined The Intenders and have participated in circles since I was eight. I gave the feather to my good friend who is starting Reiki for Children and we are both starting an Intenders circle to empower other women very soon. Thank you and please know your gifts are used in the highest light and for the best good of the Universe and everybody everywhere!

Hi Vicki,
My handbooks and pendulum came today, just wanted to say "Thank you! It's beautiful - exactly the colours I would have chosen myself!" Amazingly, I had been shopping with friends and was looking for a gift for my sis-in-law. I kept going back to a really pretty necklace with blue and mauve 'stones' and ended up buying it saying "I'm not sure if this is for her or me!" When I got home, my beautiful pendulum with blue stones and a purple endstone was waiting for me!

Love and Light

Hi Vicki
Just a note to say that the pendulums arrived safely and I picked them up upon my arrival. I opened just the one with my name on it and am inspired by it's beauty!


I want to thank you for the beautiful Intenders feather you sent this week. It has great energy!


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