On the Road with The Code Two DVD Set

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On the Road with The Code
A Two DVD Set


Join Tony Burroughs, Tina Stober, Aaron Jacobson, Ashley Celeste, Cornflower, and a troupe of very talented and inspiring Intenders as they invite you into one of the most talked about cross-country, traveling road shows ever. Intenders Biographies



In this 3 hour 2 DVD Set, you will:

Hear Amazing Intenders Stories & Great Music
Become a Mighty Manifestor
See the Best in Real-Life Channelling
Meet Lee Ching
Make a Positive Difference in Your World
Step into Your Power
Go Way Beyond The Secret
See one of the most insightful videos to come out in years!
Have a lot of Fun!

If you would like a preview of the new 2 DVD Set from The Intenders Road Show, here are three excerpts from On the Road with The Code. Just click on any of the monitors below.

The Intenders Road Show - Magic in Mt. Shasta

The Progression of Power

The Story of Lee Ching

Now we have our own Intenders You Tube Channel, however we were on our producer's channel (szb14) for many months and enjoyed the highest ratings while we were there. Likewise, the Comments we received from viewers of On the Road with The Code were absolutely wonderful.

We also intend that you are writing your favorable comments for these excerpts in the Comments Boxes at The Intenders You Tube Channel because that raises these clips higher in the rankings and enables this empowering information to get out to the world now at a time when it is needed most. Here are just two examples of comments we have received.

"On The Road With The Code" rocks my world with inspiration! What a rare treat to see and hear everyday people expounding on The Ten Intentions! The Intenders Road Show makes them so real and vivid and compelling. There is a Very Real Presence in the circle as The Intenders do their thing, and it comes across powerfully on these beautiful DVDs. I intend everybody who sees The Secret also sees "On The Road With The Code", because it is WAY better, and has at least TEN times more "meat" for hungry souls."

Thank you, Russ!

Our dear friends, Carl and Charlotte at Carmel Temple in Houston recently had one of the first public showings of On the Road with The Code. The next day we received this wonderful note from one of our favorite Intenders lightbringers, Virginia Simone. "It was my great honor to share the movie experience at Carmel Temple yesterday! WOW!!! WA-HOOOOO!!! Thank you all for your inspiration, radiant light and leading by example!! I am so happy to know you personally as well as be a part of the Intender's Tribe. I loved every minute of the movie. I especially rejoiced with great delight when my dear Scorpio Sister, Vicki, shared her vision for us teleporting anywhere we desire in the new world . . ." Love & Light, Simone in Houston

To Order your copy of On the Road with The Code Two DVD Set just click on the button below and it will take you to our Shopping Cart. This Set is in the section with The Code Books and Posters.

$29.95 + S&H  Go to the order page

On the Road with The Code is based on Tony Burroughs book, The Code: 10 Intentions for a Better World - $14.95   Go to the order page

More information about The Intenders Road Show can be found on our workshop page.

NEW! The 3 CD Audio Version for On the Road with The Code is NOW AVAILABLE! For More Information, Go To: www.intenders.com/TheCodeAudio.html

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