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Intenders Aromatherapy


The Intenders of the Highest Good and Earth Angel Oils have come together to bring you an inspired collection of powerful oils to assist you to integrate The Code into your daily life. It is our loving intention that by using these sacred oils you will become more empowered, uplifted, centered and aligned with the Highest Good.

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The last three times we traveled south to Texas and Florida we ran into our friend, Helen Stembridge who is the owner and creator of Earth Angel Oils. One evening at an Intenders Circle in Houston she even gave everyone in the circle a sample bottle of her essential oils and we were impressed, to say the least. We loved these oils so when Helen's friend, Intender Carol Sweeney, approached us about getting together with Helen and creating a very special collection of blends for The 10 Intentions of The Code, we wholeheartedly agreed! A few days later, Vicki and I went to Earth Angel Oils and spent the day dowsing hundreds of oils with Helen and Carol. Not only did we have great fun, we felt lifted up just by smelling these wonderful oils throughout the day. And as a result, our collaborative effort created a set of 10 oils, each related to an Intent of The Code. So, it is with great pleasure that we now announce and offer you our Intenders Aromatherapy Code Collection. We have included sheets in each pack with detailed descriptions of the ingredients for each blend and much more. You can order this collection of pure essential oil blends in two sizes - the Small set has 10 1/2 dram bottles on sale now for $40 and the Large Set has 10 1/8 oz. bottles on sale now for $70. This is 1/3 off of the retail price!

To Order your Intenders Aromatherapy Oils now just click on one of the buttons below and it will take you to our Shopping Cart. The Oils are at the bottom of the Cart.

The Small pack includes (10) 1/2 dram pure essential oil blends, one to accompany each of the ten daily Intentions of the Code. - $40.00   Go to the order page

The Large pack includes (10) 1/8 oz. pure essential oil blends, one to accompany each of the ten daily Intentions of the Code. - $70.00   Go to the order page

The Code Collection Aromatherapy Oils-Small

The Code Collection Aromatherapy Oils-Large

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