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By Popular Demand. Our 2009 Tour was so highly acclaimed and we had hundreds of requests that we make it available on DVD and CD so you could refer back to this one-of-a-kind body of information - so we did it!

Join Tony Burroughs, Tina Stober / Lee Ching, Vicki Harding, and Richard Blackstone as they show you how they LIVE BY MANIFESTING. These 3 DVD and 3 CD Sets are 146 minutes each of some of the most cutting edge information on the planet today. Hear Rusty's Story, Mary Ann's Story, BJ's Security Story, Lee Ching at his best, and much more. If you missed this workshop when it came to your area and you're wanting to know what's going on with the New Paradigm and the acceleration that everyone is going through today, the Living by Manifesting Workshop is for you!

On our Shopping Cart you can also order both Versions - that's 3 DVDs and 3 CDs - a total of 6 DISCS - for only $35.

$20.00 each + S&H   

Go to the order page

If you would like a preview of the new Living by Manifesting Workshop 3 DVD Set, here are three excerpts for you. Just click on any of the monitors below.

Tony Burroughs - Rusty's Story

Here are 2 excerpts of Tina Stober and Lee Ching from our new Intenders Living by Manifesting Workshop DVD.

Here's a very touching letter about our Living by Manifesting Workshop that we received recently from our Intenderpreneur in the Philadelphia area, Deb Chamberlin. Thank you, Deb!

I want to share a story with you from the Oct. 18th workshop. A young woman in our Circle, Emily, had not been attending our monthly circle for a while. She was depressed, after 7 years of unsuccessfully trying to get pregnant. She intended to get a new job with healthy benefits that would cover InVitro & fertility treatments. And she did! In September, she actually got pregnant, but when she went back for the blood tests to track the progress one week before the workshop with you, they told her the numbers were going down...which meant it was either an ectopic pregnancy or would soon miscarry. Emily got depressed, and almost did not attend the workshop, but her 2 friends encouraged her to go. When you shared the story about the bird flu & the Law of Agreement, all the lights came on. In that moment, Emily chose to withhold her agreement from the Doctors' prognosis about her blood counts, and intended a fully healthy pregnancy. She had a blood test the next day, and ever since then, every 48 hours (the frequency of the blood tests), her counts have tripled! She is now more than 9 weeks pregnant, and is sharing this news with the world. She is ecstatic! She totally credits the health of her pregnancy with your story & her attending the workshop that day, and her fully embracing the Law of Agreement in her situation. She feels this is a miracle! So be it, and so it is!!!

I recently attended the Intenders Road Show at Grandma's Farm. It was the first for me, but certainly not the last. It was a truly amazing experience. You go away with a different perspective about life. If you get a chance to attend one, please don't miss it. It will change your life.

Maxine Friend
Wichita, KS

This seminar was the first of it's kind for me. It was educational, inspirational, empowering, uplifting, and life changing. I've been manifesting all of my life, but didn't know there was a name for it until this seminar. I feel stronger and more confident as a result of this workshop, and "know" that my life will be so much more fulfilling and richer as a result.

I am forever grateful for the knowledge you and your associates shared and continue to share with me and my family members!

Thanks again,
Nancy Blue
Wichita, KS

The name Tony Burroughs is commonly associated with "Intenders of The Highest Good." He was one of the founders some 15 to 20 yrs ago on the Island of Hawaii. When I heard Tony would be giving a workshop, I took advantage. Tina Stober accompanied Tony. My experience with the team was that they were highly qualified, knowledgeable, and long time practitioners of Intentions. The whole workshop was not only practical but empowering and informing. I felt confident in their wisdom, and knew that I could apply it in my own life.

With their clarity in explaining I understood the underlying principles of Manifestation and Intention. The knowledge I took from this workshop has served me well, especially in the area of letting go of limitations. I took away a clearer sense of direction for my life and how to accomplish what is really important to me. I know my thoughts are more positive; I am happier and experience more joy in my day; and I know the Laws of Manifestation work because I have experienced this several times now.

The one thing that was really stressed (in the Intenders Road Show) was to always serve the highest and best good of the Universe, as well as the highest and best good for ourselves and others.

I am filled with gratitude that Tony and the Intenders Road Show said yes to the Universe and brought "The Intenders of the Highest Good" into our lives at this time. Show yourself kindness and attend a workshop. You will not want to leave.

Joyce Martin, Lakewood, Colorado

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