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September 2017

Table of Contents

~Living by Manifesting
~Intenders Midwest September Events
~The New Experience ~ A Reachable Vision
~Timely Matters ~ Keeping Emotionally Balanced in an Unbalanced World
~The Intenders Trilogy

Living by Manifesting

What led to the Intenders getting started? What experiences did we have that prepared us for a life of deliberately "living by manifesting"? The Intenders story that follows will give you an idea...

When I purchased my property on the slopes of Mauna Loa in upcountry Kona in 1973, the nearest town was several miles away and, except for one old funky country store, goods and services were not readily available. I was spending my days working on the farm with B.J. (my first mentor) and one of the things he told me was that everything I needed (and most of the things I wanted) would come to me. He said that I didn't need to go anywhere if I didn't want to. All I had to do was believe it. I could stay at home as much as I liked, but there was one hitch: I'd have to learn to be patient. I remember him saying, "You don't have to know how or from whom the things you need will come. In fact, expecting that things will arrive from a specific source tends to work against you because that's what closes the door for things to come to you from unexpected sources. All you have to know is that they will come to you when you need them."

At first, I scoffed at the idea. I'd always been taught that I had to work hard, earn a lot of money, apply a lot of effort, then I would get what I wanted. I didn't know anything about intentionality back then, and, because everything was going so well for me at the time, I had no inclination to test anything new. It turned out, however, that during my second year there, I lost my job, and my car broke down at the same time. I was resigned to hitchhiking or staying at home in my small coffee shack for months on end. Most people would have started to panic, but, since I was single and a little reclusive anyway, it gave me the opportunity to put B.J.'s idea to the test.

So I got up one morning and told myself that everything I needed would be there for me when I needed it. I didn't have to worry or stress. On the contrary, I'd be nonchalant, and trust that, in some way, unbeknownst to me, I was being helped. I decided, then and there, really to believe it without waffling or wavering, and otherwise enjoy my day, doing the things I liked to do.

It started working right away! My makeshift coffee shack was 600 feet up a steep, rocky, densely forested hill, but that didn't keep anybody away. When I needed car parts, a friend surprised me one day with a trunkload of them. When I needed food, it was left mysteriously at the bottom of the trail to my place. When I needed company, all sorts of people came to visit. I even remember one full moon evening when a pretty lady showed up unexpectedly with a large pizza and a bottle of wine....
Excerpt from WINS: Manifestation Stories from the Intenders by Tony Burroughs

Now, as I write this over half a lifetime later, it's still working like a charm. Everything I've needed along the way has come to me because I've intended, believed and trusted.

Your purpose is to be revealed to you
so that you can spread your wings
and cover this Earth
with that which is your creation

Intenders Midwest September Events

Tony Burroughs will be touring in the midwest US in September this year. You can contact the facilitators below for reservations and more information. Most events are $15 per person with scholarships available. Tony will be sharing inspiring Intention stories and leading an Intention Circle, so bring your intentions and be open to receive! Updates can be found on our Events page.

Sept 9 - Des Moines, IA - Unity Church Harmony Hall, 414 31st St. - Potluck at 6:30, Circle starts at 7pm - Call Leigh - 515-554-6792
Sept 10 - Northwood, IA - Potluck at 6:30pm - Olson Community Room, Northwood Library, 906 1st Ave S. - Gayle - 386-546-0631
Sept 12 - Rockford, IL - 7pm - Cleo's Aromapothecary - 972 N. Main St, - Kathleen - 815-966-1240
Sept 16/17 - Grand Rapids, MI - The Coptic Fellowship Conference - 381 Lake Michigan Drive - Call Steve for more info - 708-485-4764
Sept 21 - Mountain Home, AR - 7pm - Mystic Forest Bookstore - 5441 Hwy 62E - Frank - 870-656-1934
Sept 23 - Rogers / Bentonville, AR - 7 to 9pm - 1724 South 15th Street, Rogers, Arkansas 72758 - 928-300-2030 or

The New Experience ~ A Reachable Vision

People ask about what it's going to be like after the "end times" are over. The following is a passage from our handbook, The Highest Light Teachings, that we've turned into a beautiful vision for The Vision Alignment Project. You can align with it and take us all one step closer to bringing it into manifestation.

There is no reason, whatsoever, why every human being who walks this Earth couldn't be given everything that he or she needs. Scarcity, in all of its insidious forms, can be tucked neatly away into our past and replaced by abundance beyond measure. Oppression can give way to a life of total freedom such as we have never before experienced. And fear can now be seen for what it truly is - a cry in the dark for attention, a call for the gift of comfort and peace.

For as that loving attention is freely given without reservation, a light so bright will shine forth on everyone and everything. The streets will be filled with people smiling at each other, wanting one and all to experience the joy that comes when we live our lives to the fullest. Everywhere you look there will be peace. We are cleansed of all impurity by the Living Universe as It surrounds us and bathes us in the Highest Light imaginable. Once again we are innocent as young babes, yet divinely empowered, and thrilled at the wonders that lie before us.

You can align with this vision
by double-clicking the "YES!" Button or Link below.


Clicking the YES Button will also show you the Total Alignments to date.

Timely Matters ~ Keeping Emotionally Balanced in an Unbalanced World

In thinking about the most important issues we face in these changing times, keeping our emotional balance intact regardless of whatever is going on around us seems to be high on the list. I don't know about you, but life nowadays for me is filled with opportunities to test myself on this. It seems like almost every hour I am faced with a challenge to my emotions. Will I retain my composure (and enjoy all the gifts that comes with it?) or will I react in the same way I always tended to react in the past?

Indeed, what happens when we don't react and we hold onto our emotional center? Well, for openers, we get to keep the energy we would have lost if we had reacted. Now we can use this energy for other things like producing our creative projects, holding a higher vibrational frequency, having a higher inner experience. You see, these emotional energies can be rerouted so that, instead of spilling them out, we can use them to further ourself.

Of course, this is a true balancing act. When we are filled with more emotional charge than we're accustomed to holding, we often tend to explode outward onto our family, friends and loved ones - and this is precisely what we want to avoid. Why? Because it causes backlashes and comes back to us in ways we generally don't like. The trick, when we're feeling overloaded with charge or feeling like we're ready to react harshly, is to find a way to let go of the charge without dumping it on our fellow travelers. Scream it into a pillow or go out into the woods where nobody is around and let 'er rip. In this way, we drain out any excess emotional charge we may be harboring, and, at the same (sane) time, we're less apt to create a situation with our loved ones that we would wish, later on, we wouldn't have created.
TB August 2017
What you are looking to create
is a positive, happy life...
and the more you intend
that your thoughts are positive and happy
the more that is what you will create

The Intenders Trilogy

We started out with the ideas in The Intenders Handbook and, over 25 years later, it led us to the fundamental precepts in The Ascenders Handbook. We didn't know at the time that making and manifesting clear intentions would eventually have us exploring our highest potentials. We just wanted to get the things we wanted to come to us more readily. Here's how The Ascenders Handbook describes our journey:

"The Intention Process leads to the Ascension Process. This happens automatically when we've manifested most of our desires. We begin to feel happier, lifted up, elevated. There's a lightness in us now that wasn't there before because much of the weighty baggage we've been carrying around with us most of our lives isn't there anymore. It's gone because we intended it. Now we don't have as many attachments holding us to the Earth. We feel like we're ready to lift off.

This is the position many Intenders are in after practicing the Intention Process all these years. We're ready for our next step in life. But what is it? What do we do after we've manifested all the material things we ever wanted? The answer is: we become Ascenders. We begin to look at the bigger picture, and we immediately see so much more than we did before when we were focused on our earthly wants and needs...."

If you want to get better at manifesting your dreams and desires, then we recommend The Intenders Handbook to you. It has helped hundreds of thousands get what they want in life. Click here.
If you want to take your manifesting skills to the next level and see where The Intention Process has taken us over the last 22 years, we recommend The Ascenders Handbook to you. Click here.
If you would like both books, we recommend our Trilogy that includes our third handbook, The Highest Light Teachings. The Intenders Ascenders Trilogy (consisting of all three handbooks) is available as an Ebook for $12 or in 3 printed Handbooks (our Bestseller) for $12.95 (plus shipping). Click here.


Tony Burroughs is one of the more prolific visionaries of our time. He is the author of 10 self empowerment books and the cofounder of the worldwide Intenders of the Highest Good community. His widely acclaimed Vision Alignment Project recently surpassed 2 million alignments. The Intenders websites are located at,, and Or you can join us on The Intenders Founders Circle on Facebook, The Intenders YouTube Channel or TonyBurroughs.Net.

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