The Intenders Road Show

Guidelines and Questionnaire

The Intenders Road Show is more than a workshop. It`s an Experience! We have been presenting our events all across the country over the last several years, and we have learned that it is better for everyone if we have a bit of information about you before we schedule the Road Show in your area. We Intend that our working with you is a WIN-WIN situation for everyone concerned, and that the Highest Good is served in bringing the Road Show to your town.


1. Highlight and copy all the text between the double lines (===) below.

2. Click on this Email Link. It will open your email.

3. Paste the text you have copied into the body of your email message.

4. Answer the questions in the text below as clearly and briefly as possible.

5. Hit the SEND Button.



1. What dates and times are best for you? ________________


2. Which event would you prefer? Check one.
___ 1 day
___ 2 day (all weekend)
___ 3 to 4 hours (evening)
___ Cruise or Tour to Sacred Sites

3. Who do you want to be in your event? Check as many as you like.
Tony ________
Tina _________
Aaron ________
Ashley ________
Richard ________
Cornflower ________
Others ______________________________________________

4. Do we have your permission to sell our books and products at the event?

5. Do you have arrangements or suggestions for our lodging? Comments welcomed.


6. How many people do you expect to attend? __________

6A. We can be compensated per person or on a flat rate.
Which is best for you? Flat Rate__________ Per person __________

6B. If we are being compensated on a flat rate,
1. what total amount is good for you? _______________
2. how much will you be charging each attendee? _____________

6C. If we are being compensated per person,
1. how many paying people can you guarantee? _____________
2. how much would you like to charge each person? _____________
3. how many scholarships would you like to offer? _____________

7. We need at least a $1500 minimum guarantee before scheduling.
A. Can you provide our minimum guarantee? ____________
B. Can you send us at least half in advance? _____________

8. Do you have a venue in mind? Please elaborate.______

9. What is your contact information?




Phone __________________________________________

Current Date_____________________________________

10. Additional Information you would like us to know:


Thank you very much. If we can come to your town, we will contact you shortly.

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