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October 2017

Table of Contents

~A Story from The Highest Good
~Gratitudes to Our Tour Hosts
~Speaking of Happiness
~Sale! All Intenders Ebooks are now $5 or less
~A Vision for Honoring and Contemplating the Elements

A Story from The Highest Good

Here's an excerpt from the book Tony is currently writing entitled "The Highest Good: A Return to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. It's scheduled for release in the Spring of 2018.

It's a strange custom in our culture to talk openly, even casually, about our friends who are sick. I was at a party recently standing next to a group of ladies who were gabbing about our friend Kathy's health issues. Now, this was supposed to be a gathering of spiritual-minded people so when I heard them mention some doctor's thoughtless diagnosis I couldn't help but interrupt.

"You know," I said, " you're not helping Kathy here by what you're chatting about. Thoughts are things and they cross the ethers instantly and are received by the person you're discussing. This reinforces her illness instead of her wellness. Is that what you really want to be doing for our friend?"

Well, it caught them off-guard at first and they stopped just long enough to let it settle in. After a moment one of them thanked me for the reminder and the others nodded in agreement. Then they asked how they could be helping Kathy, and I said, "Why don't we all see her at her best, full of happiness and in perfect health?"

In that instant the tone of the conversation shifted and we all felt better because we knew that we were doing something to help Kathy rather than harming her.

If you're stuck in your thinking
when you begin to help other people
you'll start to feel again

Gratitudes to Our Tour Hosts

Last month we went to Iowa, Illinois, Michigan and Arkansas presenting our newest Intenders workshop. At every stop we were received by wonderful groups thanks in great part to the Intenders and friends who hosted us. In Des Moines we'd like to thank Leigh Ann Morano, Intender par excellance, who brought together a beautiful crowd at the Unity Church there. In Northwood, our longtime Jade Cybercircle leader, Gayle Abrams, hosted a wonderfully receptive circle of friends. We were so happy to see Terrie Haley come all the way from Akron, OH to join us in Northwood!

Then we went to a favorite Intenders stop at Cleo's Aromapothecary in Rockford, IL where Kathleen, Tina and friends welcomed us like we were coming home. On from there, Tony gave the keynote speech to The Coptic Conference in Grand Rapids, MI followed the next evening by an Intenders Coptic Circle that was heavenly. Many thanks to Steve Kracek, Kat Havens, Alan Tult and John Davis who rolled out the red carpet for us. You can see these events in Grand Rapids on Youtube by clicking here...

Our travels went south from there to the current longest lasting Intenders Circle (8 years) in Mountain Home, AR. Frank Slagle at Mystic Forest Bookstore hosted us like royalty, bringing together old friends and new for one of the liveliest circles ever. Last but not least, Rev. Lois and Rev Elise, both Unity ministers, gathered a sweet group of friends together for a powerful, heartfelt circle in Lois's home. PS: We received a note last week from Joy Scoff who drove to this event from Memphis, TN with her husband and longtime Intender, Bob. Joy writes: "Thank you so much. The meeting in Rogers, AR was "other-worldly" for me. I felt as if I'd known each person there forever."

Again, a huge Intenders Gratitude goes out to one and all who hosted and attended these uplifting events. We'll be back on tour in April 2018, putting on two hour events that include a 45 minute Intro to Intending by Tony Burroughs, followed by a short break and an Intenders Circle. We'll be starting again in Des Moines, so if you'd like us to put you on our Spring Tour schedule, email [].

Speaking of Happiness

Intender Wilma Bennett is the author of Vibrations: A Visitor's Guide to Planet Earth (available at the Intenders website). She recently wrote us saying: In some old papers I found a wonderful article on happiness, and thought you might be able to use it in your newsletter. It's from the Reader's Digest of 08/2014.

"NEGATIVE THINKING: Freshmen who were randomly paired with roommates highly prone to brooding were likely to "catch" their negative thinking style after only three months, found a University of Notre Dame study. Recognize that other people may influence how you respond to life's challenges.

HAPPINESS: On the other hand, positive feelings also rub off, according to a seminal study of almost 5,000 people by researchers at Harvard and the University of California, San Diego. When you feel happy, a friend who lives within one mile is 25 percent more likely to feel happy, and neighbors are 34 percent more likely to feel happy. The same data found that an extra $5,000 increased happiness by about 2 percent, a much lower impact than what's gained by having a joyful friend of a friend (a second-degree connection), which can boost your own good feelings by 10 percent."

Wilma adds, "The possibility of this compounding is wonderful. If your happiness is affecting someone a mile away, it has got to be through the vibrations you emit. If I'm happy, someone else will become happy. If they are happy, they'll pass it on to others, etc., etc. Naturally, I am choosing to be happy."

Thank you, Wilma!
Everyone is affected by you
when you are your joyful self.

Sale! All Intenders Ebooks are now $5

You will notice that we have stopped selling four of our larger printed books on our Intenders Website - and that's because it costs us more to buy these books from our own publisher than Amazon sells them for! Our 3 Handbooks, however, are still available through our Intenders Highest Light House website and we truly appreciate it when you support independent booksellers like us by ordering directly from us instead of Amazon.

Our Ebooks are a different story. As of yesterday, we have lowered our prices on all our Intenders Ebooks to $5.00 (or less). Now you can get The Code, The Law of Agreement, Get What You Want and What You Need to Know Now: The Lee Ching Messages for $5 each by clicking here.

A Vision for Honoring and Contemplating the Elements

Here is a timely Vision that just came in from George Noble which he submitted for the Meg Benedicte led Global Intentions Visioning for Utopian New Moon Activation...Thank you, George, for the reminder.

I envision that all people everywhere begin to regularly HONOR (feel grateful for) and CONTEMPLATE our personal relationship with each of the ELEMENTS: 1) AIR (breath---hurricane), 2) WATER (flooding---blood), 3) FIRE (wildfires--metabolism & creative expression), and 4) EARTH (earthquake---body & bone structural support). After SIX WEEKs of "Acting Out" by 1) Hurricane (Air) winds of TX and FL; 2) Flood WATERS; 3) Quaking EARTH in MX; & 4) FIRE Storming in CA, I've envisioned a need for us ALL to learn and practice an HONORING and CONTEMPLATING the ELEMENTS ritual.

It's a simple ESSENE practice during which we consciously REMEMBER & feel loving gratitude for 1) EARTH, comprising our Body & Bones when we grow & Eat pure nourishing food; 2) when we DRINK (any liquid) to be grateful for the pure WATER which comprises our blood and flows thru our body; 3) as we BREATHE, to be grateful for the pure Oxygen-laden AIR we're inhaling which fuels metabolism in every body cell; 4) when we feel the warm vitality---of the SUN / & Fire which both IS our metabolism and our Spirit---of BEING, our awareness & creative expression, movement.

Indigenous peoples have long done sacred ceremony around a central ceremonial fire, and their shamans and holy ones adored ALL facets of nature on EARTH as they "WALKed in BEAUTY". Yoga practitioners do a sacred fire ceremony, known as Arati. There is a well-known Native American Chant: (singing) "Earth my Body, Water my Blood, Air my Breath and Fire my Spirit"...... repeat .... repeat ....

Are you in Alignment with George's Vision?

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