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November 2017

Table of Contents

~The Highest Good and Today's Leaders
~From the Great Council of the Grandmothers
~Working Together in Community
~Spring 2018 Tour
~Our New Stocking Stuffer Special
~Happy Thanksgiving from the Intenders

The Highest Good and Today's Leaders

The only societies that work for any length of time are the ones where the leaders and elders share, where those who have risen to the top of the "responsibility ladder" do not have a selfish bone in their body. Cultures are typically cut short of their normal lifespan because the few in power see themselves as greater than or more deserving than the people they represent. In fact, you know the end of a civilization is near when the country's leaders have come to resent, instead of represent, their constituency. One only needs to watch the news for a few minutes to see that today's leaders do not really care for people like you and me.

The average civilization lasts approximately six hundred years, and as we look at the American culture today - just over two hundred years old - we see decline already on the horizon. At the rate we're going, it's unlikely that the American way of life will live to be six hundred. What with our infrastructure (roads, bridges and buildings) crumbling, our environment on the brink of overload, our animals and plants facing extinction, our economy skewed in favor of the wealthy, our leaders sold out to the highest bidders, not to mention the saber-rattling - only it's not sabers being rattled, it's WMDs with the power to bring our civilization and all the Earth's people to their knees.

Why is this happening? How did we get into the mess we're in? It all stems from the minds of the few wanting to have power over the many. Some people think they know how to run the world better than others, but what they don't tell you is that they only want more for themselves. They're greedy, and it's this greed that's running our world today. It's this greed that runs the engine of the American Dream, only the dream is slowly and subtly becoming our worst nightmare.

We must find a way to get back to wise, honorable, unselfish men and women stepping forward to lead our world; men and women who have no vested interest in profiteering at the expense of another; men and women who give and share and care for their fellow travelers. The Highest Good calls out, now, for us to change our ways. We're being asked to let go of our greed and to withhold our support for any person or institution which advocates the few dominating over the many. Yes, the transition may be painful (as many transitions are), but the way our world is headed, the alternatives are even worse. Clearly, if we stay on our present course, we risk everything including our own lives and the lives of all living, breathing beings who inhabit this Earth. Is what we're doing for our Highest Good?

That's the question we need to be asking ourselves and hearing from our elected representatives: Is what we're doing for our Highest Good? Once this simple question makes its way into our hearts and minds, as well as into the once-hallowed halls of power, everything will start to get better for all of us - not just for the wealthy few, but for the great masses who only want to live out their lives in peace without interference or disruption from others.

The Highest Good is love, not fear. We'll know when it's working in our world when our fears, our insecurities and our survival-motivated behaviors have given way to the caring and sharing that the Highest Good has to offer. Our wars and poverty and greed will have stepped aside in favor of that which is for the Highest and Best Good of One and All. That's the day when all life on Earth will breathe a huge sigh of relief as we are released from the shackles of our fears. That's the day when all people, in all lands, will rejoice in the light of new worldly priorities dedicated to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

That day is just around the corner, and it is available right now as a vision we can hold in our minds that will ultimately work its way up to the surface of our worldly experience. All we have to do is keep asking ourselves the question: Is what we're doing for our Highest Good? When the dust has all settled, we'll know, in our hearts and minds, what the truthful answer to this question is. It's the one that makes us the happiest.
Tony Burroughs, Intenders Cofounder
November 19, 2017

Have the pure intention of everyone awakening to the Highest Good.
That should be the intention
that is in the minds of everyone,
in the words of everyone,
and in the hearts of everyone everywhere.

From the Great Council of the Grandmothers

"The time you are living in is called the age of destruction - the Kali Yuga. It is the lowest point. At this time evil rises to the surface to be destroyed. This dark-age takes place just before the arrival of the in-coming Golden Age, so today you are watching out-of-balance Yang energy creating destruction all over your planet. This IS the Kali Yuga. This is what is happening on earth now and because it is, you must learn to cope with this energy. You cannot reason with it because it is entirely destructive. Instead you must hold steady within yourself and observe its wild behavior from a position of power. If you do this, it will not be able to feed on you. Your steadiness will help contain its rapacious energy and it will not be able to do as much damage as it would otherwise.

Call on the Net of Light and hold Sacred Space. Be mindful of who you are! You are here on earth to occupy a steady place in an unsteady world. At this time reach out to one another in service. Many are suffering now. Feed the hungry, visit people in hospitals and prisons, provide shoes to those who need them, help the animals. If each of you plunge into one activity of service, together you will do great good, turning many hearts to light. Find a service project for yourself. We ask this of you because we know who you are. You are our hands and hearts on earth."
November 12, 2016, From The Great Council of the Grandmothers

Working Together in Community

We started the Intenders over twenty-five years ago in Pahoa, Hawaii, and since then we've seen thousands of people from all over the world manifest their intentions and have their dreams come true. At first we didn't know what we were doing - we were just four friends (Tina, Mark, Betsy and me) intending to help one another in anyway we could. But then, when we were introduced to the Highest Good and saw how it was helping us in our lives, we knew we were onto something very special.

In the beginning, we noticed that the Highest Good was making sure our intentions manifested without a lot of complications or backlash. In fact, we watched in awe as our fellow Intenders would come back to our circle every week to tell their stories of success after having said their intentions into our circle the week before. New mates, new jobs, extra money, unexpected travel - we saw it all. And with each week that passed we became less skeptical and more trusting in the amazing process we were working with.

As it happened, we were marrying the process of deliberate manifestation with the Highest Good - and bringing them into a community setting where people could intend and manifest together in groups. Previous to this time, we'd been concerned about whether to share our intentions aloud with our friends and neighbors. We'd been told that others might try to undermine or sabotage our intentions and that we should keep them to ourselves. However, when Lee Ching told us about the Highest Good and we started incorporating it into our intention-making, we realized right away that we'd found a way to share our dreams and desires with others without the danger of them being diluted in any way. The big "Aha" came when we realized that our words are literal; that what we're saying is what we're getting. Therefore, as long as we remembered to say the Highest Good phrase along with our intention, then if the intention was for our Highest Good, it would manifest - and if the intention wasn't for our Highest Good, then it wouldn't manifest. We called it our world's greatest insurance policy, and we learned never to say our intentions without including in the Highest Good phrase.

From this point on we were free to take advantage of the strength that comes from working together. We'd created a way to come together and manifest as One, instead of trying to do all of our spiritual work separately. The Highest Good opened the door and, together, we stepped through into the grace and power of a conscious community.
(excerpt from The Highest Good: A Return to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness by Tony Burroughs, to be Released in the Spring of 2018.)

When you step into your calling
all things open up for you
and the way is made clear for you to do
that which you have come here to do.

Our Intenders Spring 2018 Tour

We're just now in the process of setting up our Spring 2018 Intenders Tour. Our last year's 2017 tour was so successful that we've been encouraged to take the Intenders Information out to the world again. Tony and friends will be scheduling dates starting in April, so you can get on the list now to have a very uplifting, empowering event come to your city or town. For more info or to reserve a date on our 2018 tour, email (} or call 858-200-5200.

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Happy Thanksgiving from the Intenders

As we move into the Thanksgiving holiday we here at the Intenders would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for all your support over this past year. It is our intention to continue to bring these Intenders teachings to you until they are no longer needed; until all peoples across this Earth are empowered and living their lives fully and freely, happy and healthfully. That day is coming and we are grateful to be among those who are ushering it in. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


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