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are contributed by Original Intender, Tina Stober (YouTube version) and our Genesis Cybercircle Host, Marina Phillips (text version below).

(The guided meditation generally comes toward the beginning of your Circle.)

Here is the empowering Guided Meditation from our Create Your Own Community Intention Process DVD. It's led by Tina Stober who is bringing through our original Intenders guide, Lee Ching. You can meditate along with this video in your Intenders Cybercircle or in your real life Intenders Circle.

Here is Marina's Meditation in a text version

PURPOSE: The purpose of the group meditation is to bring everyone's focus and attention into the group. The meditation helps group members to consciously put other distractions "on hold" for the duration of the meeting. In doing this, everyone is better able to focus their attention fully on the intentions and ideas being expressed in the group.

HOW WE USE THE BASICS OF ENERGY IN A CYBERCIRCLE: There is a saying that "Everything Is Energy". Within this idea, we have a powerful tool for gathering together to intend and manifest real change. To do this, we envision each member of the group coming into the same energetic space, bringing our personal energies together.


Relax, and take 2 or 3 deep breaths together. Imagine all the thoughts and distractions of your mind as little points of light that hover somewhere above you. As you breathe, draw all of those little points of light back into yourself - bring your focus, attention, and energy into the group - and leave those other distractions "on hold" for the time being.

Now imagine a large meadow - the sun is shining bright, wildflowers sway gently in a light breeze, butterflies flutter, and perhaps birds are singing. In the centre of the field stands a large, majestic tree, with branches outstretched, and strong roots running deep into Mother Earth.

Imagine each member of the group coming into the field from different directions - each member comes to sit with the group together at the foot of this ancient tree, who will lend its strength and wisdom to our Cybercircle. Know that the essences of our energies are now gathered together in the same energetic space, for the highest, and best good of all. So be it! - and the group responds, "and so it is!"

CLOSING MEDITATION: At the end of the Cybercircle, it is a good idea to come back to your energetic meeting place, and disperse the benevolent, loving energy generated in the meeting. The group can send that energy out into the world and into The Universe with the intention that it finds any and all beings in need of love, light, and encouragement. Here is an example:

Relax again, and take 2 or 3 deep breaths together. Imagine being back in our meadow, and at the foot of our lovely tree. Join hands and stand around it together. Send the positive energy generated in the group from your heart into the tree, until it glows brightly. Imagine the light dispersing down into the ground through the roots of the tree and into Mother Earth. Also imagine a bright beacon streaming out from the top of the tall branches, and into space, out to the stars, and across The Universe. We intend that this positive energy is touching any and all beings in need of love, light, and encouragement. We thank this majestic tree for lending its strength and wisdom to our Cybercircle today, and for allowing us to disperse our loving group energy out into the world through it, for the highest and best good of all beings everywhere.

We once again invoke all of our esteemed personal angels and guides, and invite them to be closely present with us throughout all of our activities and interactions this coming week.
So be it! - and the group responds, "and so it is!"

OTHER ENERGETIC VENUES: The above is just one example of where your group could meet in meditation. The possibilities are truly endless - wherever the group agrees to go is fine:
A calm, pristine beach
The Grand Canyon
Amazon rainforest
A serene mountain top
Beside a lake or pond

It will help if you fully describe your location - sun shining, flowers, birds, other animals, colors, peaceful atmosphere. Provide some details to give members of the group a context or starting point for their own visualization. Each person will, of course, imagine something different, but the shared intention that it is the same energetic space for everyone in the group will make it so.

At closing, you can disperse the loving group energy in whatever way seems best for the venue your group has chosen. Put it into the water, or simply blanket Mother Earth with it in the form of healing light of whatever color seems appropriate. Then send the energy from the Earth out into The Universe in a brilliant, gigantic wave.

Remember to thank your particular venue for being the energetic vehicle for generating and dispersing this love and light energy into the world.

ANYONE CAN DO THIS: Anyone in the group who wishes to lead the meditation could do so. It could be the group leader, a particular person who is interested or who has experience leading group meditations, or the group could even take turns - each member bringing their own thoughts and ideas to the meditation. Think of it as another opportunity to bring spontaneous expression to the Cybercircle. It will never be exactly the same from week to week, and different inspirations and ideas will be generated by it each time the group gathers together.

Love, Light, and Many Blessings Be With You on Your Intenders Journey.
Marina Phillips
Intenderpreneur for the Genesis Circle

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