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Summer Solstice 2018

Table of Contents

~Trusting the Process / Thank you for Your Donations!
~Preorder The Highest Good Handbook
~The Highest Good 2018 Workshop Schedule
~Repeat! Our Certificate of Alignment with the Highest Good Award

Trusting the Process / Thank you for Your Donations!

Before I began to write The Highest Good Handbook I made an intention that everything I needed during the writing process would be taken care of, and that, when I was finished with the book, the several thousand dollars I needed for printing the book would be there for me. In fact, I told myself that I would know when the book was done by when the money arrived to print it. I knew I could offer it to either of the two mainstream publishers who had published 4 of my previous books, but I did not want to wait the year and a half they would take to get it out to the world because I felt like the world needed these stories about the Highest Good now.

Other than that, I let it all go and trusted that as long as I was diligent and wrote everyday, the Intention Process / Law of Attraction would provide everything else.

Eight months and a snowy winter later, with the text flowing like butter and the cover looking good, the new book was complete. It was a bit longer than my previous handbooks (224 pages), but filled with some of the best stories I had ever written. So, still needing $3300 in order to go to the printer, I put an intention in our last Intenders Newsletter asking for donations. I continued to proofread it over the next several days - and then, two hours after I dotted the last i, crossed the last t, and declared the book 100% finished, a friend dropped by and gave me a check for $2500! After she left, in a state of utter joy, I walked to my mailbox - and there was another check for $444 from an Intender I have never met. These gifts, along with several other (oh-so appreciated) donations that came in from Intenders all over the country, gave me the exact amount I needed to go to press. The next morning I sent it off to the printer, and it will be ready in plenty of time to take on the road with me on my upcoming Highest Good Workshop tour.

I cannot tell you what this process has done for my level of trust. I trusted every step of the way that my intentions would manifest in the perfect timing - and that is exactly what happened. The money came, the books are being printed, and the Law of Attraction worked like a charm - just like the stories in the new handbook said it would.

Preorder The Highest Good Handbook

The Highest Good Handbook: Love, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

Our new book, The Highest Good Handbook: Love, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. is at the printer and will be ready in July. We are launching our new handbook on the exact moment of the 2018 Summer Solstice with the intention that it acts as a catapult for getting the "win-win" concept of the Highest Good into the mainstream at this time when it is needed most. You can preorder it now and we will send it out to you as soon as we receive it.

Already described as "your best work ever!", The Highest Good Handbook has all new Intenders success stories as well a wealth of information about how we have combined the Law of Attraction with the Highest Good to manifest our dreams and desires over the last twenty-five years. Here is a short passage ...

People ask what my life has been like since I intended to live by manifesting, and the answer is: I have had the most amazing ride imaginable! I have lived on the beach in Hawaii; amid towering red rocks outside Payson, AZ; atop Big Avocado Mountain in Escondido, CA; in the Shasta Valley with majestic Mt. Shasta framed in my picture window. I have camped across America several times, vacationed from the Caribbean to Bora Bora, bathed in luxury in Corrales, NM, basked in the powerful vortices of Sedona, AZ, (before it got crowded), and restored my Spirit on the banks of the Willamette River near Eugene, OR. I have taken part in Intention Circles across the country in private homes, churches of all denominations, community centers, social clubs, gift shops, Grange halls, Masonic lodges, casinos, hotels, public parks, and book stores galore. In short, I have made more friends than I ever thought possible, traveled to places I only dreamed of, and lived in some of the most magnificent spots on Earth, all of which manifested following intentions I made for the Highest Good.

That which you are reaching for
is also reaching out to you.

The Highest Good Handbook  224 pages.    More info  $6.00     

The Highest Good Handbook Bulk Discount    More info  10 Copies for $36.00     

The Highest Good Handbook Ebook  (Immediate Download). $5.00
More info  

The Highest Good 2018 Workshop Schedule

Tony Burroughs will be traveling to Intenders Circles and other events this summer presenting the 2018 Highest Good Workshop. Here is our current schedule, with more dates to be added.

Saturday, July 28 - Longmont / Boulder, CO - The Nest, 516 Summer Hawk Drive, Longmont, C0 80504 - 7pm - Contact Danae at 720-346-2383 or Lloyd at 303-817-3889.

Thursday, August 2 - Des Moines, IA - The Common Thread - at Plymouth Church, 4126 Ingersoll Ave., Des Moines, IA 50312 - 7pm - Contact Leigh at 515-729-0125 or

Saturday, August 4 - Des Moines, IA - Unity of Des Moines - 414 31st St. Des Moines, IA 50312 - 4pm Workshop with Potluck to follow - Contact Leigh at 515-729-0125 or

Tuesday, August 7, 2018 - Rockford, IL - Cleos Aromapothecary, 1416 N. Main St., Rockford, IL - 6:30pm - Contact Kathleen at 815-966-1240 or email

Thursday, August 9 - Grand Rapids, MI - The Coptic Center, 3871 Lake Michigan Drive, Grand Rapids, MI - 7pm - Call Steve at 616-513-1339 or 708-485-4764 or email or

Friday, August 10 - Cleveland / Akron, OH - Venue TBA - 7pm - Contact Terrie at 408-318-3586 (please leave message) or email

Sunday, August 12 - Cincinnati, OH - WHOLECARE, 4434 Carver Woods Dr., Cincinnati, Ohio 46242 - 10:30am - Contact: Liz at 513-510-5467 or 513-312-2635 (please leave a message).

Wednesday, August 15 - Dothan, AL - The Center for Spiritual Living, 942 S Oates St., Dothan, AL 36301 - 6pm - Contact Audri at 334-794-2840 or 334-200-3593 or email

Saturday, August 18th - Sarasota, FL - 7515 42nd Court East, Sarasota, FL 34243 - 7pm - Contact: Lois at 928-300-2030 or email

Saturday, September 1 - Houston, TX - Lori Hooper's Off the Beaten Path Community Garden, 16121 Williamson Road, Splendora TX 77372 - Potluck 4:30 - Circle at 6pm - Contact Lori at 936-689-8102 or email

Tuesday, September 4 - Austin, TX - 6000 Shepherd Mountain Cove, #1604 (First building on the left, as you drive into the condos), Austin, TX 78730 - Potluck at 6:30pm and Circle at 7pm - Contact Pamela at 512-906-7844 or {}

Saturday, September 8 - Mountain Home, AR - Mystic Forest, 5441 Hwy 62E, Mountain Home, AR 72653 - Potluck at 6:00 pm and Circle starts at 7:00 pm - Contact Frank at 870-656-1934 or

Friday, October 5 - Pagosa Springs, CO - Luminosity Talks - New Thought Church in the Momentum 24-7 Building, 40 North 15th St., Pagosa Springs, CO 81147 - 6:30pm - Contact Gary at 618-973-5669 or 970-731-1008.

If you would like have the Highest Good Workshop come to your area, you can email {} or call us at 858-200-5200. This is a two hour event (in the first hour, Tony shares positive, uplifting stories about combining the Law of Attraction with the Highest Good, and in the second hour he will lead an Intention Circle). A Sample Flyer and the Schedule for these workshops is on Our Highest Light House Events Calendar

Repeat! Certificate of Alignment with the Highest Good Award

We had such a wonderful response to our Certificate of Alignment with the Highest Good Award poster that accompanies our new book that we thought we would repeat it. This Certificate is awarded to anyone who takes and passes our Fun Final Exam from our new book, The Highest Good Handbook. Even if you do not buy our new book, you can take our Fun Final Exam on our website by clicking here. These Certificates are personalized by our graphics expert, Terrie Haley, and she will email it to you with your name on it.

The Highest Good Award Certificate


Tony Burroughs is one of the more prolific visionaries of our time. He is the author of 10 self empowerment books and the cofounder of the worldwide Intenders of the Highest Good community. His widely acclaimed Vision Alignment Project recently surpassed 2 million alignments. The Intenders websites are located at,, and Or you can join us on The Intenders Founders Circle on Facebook, The Intenders YouTube Channel or TonyBurroughs.Net.

To contact our original Intenders intuitive messenger, Tina Stober (and her guides, Lee Ching and Kuan Yin), call 808-982-6774 in Hawaii - and please be mindful that it is several hours earlier there.

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The Intenders are anchoring the Highest Good to Earth. Accordingly, we're seeing everyone around us (including ourselves) in their Highest Light - even while some are unable to see it in themselves. We also create community by sharing our format for gathering in Intenders Circles. For, just as The Code is a template for creating self-empowerment and personal freedom, the Intenders Circle holds the blueprint for coming together in conscious community during the current transition and beyond.

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