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January 2018

The President's Intention Circle

The President and all his people stood in a large circle on the lawn, holding hands. In the circle this day were cabinet members, staff members and congressional leaders from both parties, as well as the president's immediate family. All went quiet as a tall stranger on the east side of the circle welcomed the group. This man was a non-political, non-sectarian figure who emanated a personal power that was perhaps even more magnetic than the President's. As he spoke, a hush fell over the gathering.

"Today, we do something new," he said. "Today, we invite the Highest Good into our world and into our lives. Today, we abandon the old manipulative ways of manifesting our wants and needs. No longer will we resort to the Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove methods for invoking dark idols for the purpose of advancing our own personal motivations. Instead, we stand here today to make intentions as One dedicated to the Highest Good for all mankind."

You could hear a pin drop as all attention was riveted on this strange, powerful man who seemed to glow from the inside out.

"Accordingly," he went on, "I intend that from this day forward, everything we say and do on behalf of this country and the world takes the Highest Good of each and every person on earth into consideration. Furthermore, I intend that all wars, warmongering and personal gain from human suffering stops now and forevermore; that all profiteering from another's sickness stops now and forevermore; that all gene-splicing and geo-engineering stops now and forevermore; that all man-made weather interference programs stop now and forevermore; that all debt is lovingly cancelled and forgiven from this day forward; that all unclean environmental practices are stopped as of this moment; and that all current forms of energy production are quickly transitioned into the 100% efficient, zero-point energy prototypes we have secretly had at our disposal for over 60 years."

A few grumbles were heard around the circle, but, undaunted, the stranger continued. "Instead of the ways we've done things in the past, now, today, we embark in a new direction. With our intentions we have set the gears in motion for unprecedented change, change such as our present generation and all generations past could never have imagined. For as we all align with these intentions, we open the gate for Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness to return to all mankind."

He paused momentarily to look at the crowd and gauge their reactions. No one stirred.

"With these intentions we will create a world where all men and women are free and unencumbered; where all men and women are truly equal in the eyes of one and all; where all people will know that they can live their lives out without it being interrupted or interfered with by anyone anywhere; where optimum health and vitality are returned to everyone; where all secrets are brought out into the light for all to see; and where everyone is given equal access to all the bounty this world has to offer."

The grumbling had subsided now because those present had rarely heard anyone speak with such power, with such certainty. For these few moments, the President's own power was eclipsed by this unusual stranger.

"This day marks the time when we have cleared the way for all good things to come to our people. The by-products of our intentions here today are many," he said, "for the new direction we take here by coming into alignment with these visions and intentions will bring into manifestation abundance and blessings untold. Indeed, with the advent of zero-point energy, all peoples are freed from debt and isolation; with the advent of a clean environment, all people will enjoy good health returned to their bodies; with the advent of no man seeing another as beneath him, equality and true brotherhood returns to our world; and with the laying down of all weapons and manifesting mercy toward our fellowmen and women, we step into a world of peace. This is what we create for our children's children here today - a world of freedom, a world of joy, a world of peace that gives rise to the greatest civilization ever to exist on this magnificent earth. With these intentions we set the stage for a new direction where we are expanded and filled with love for one another, where all people everywhere are free, truly free, now and forevermore! And, finally, with these intentions we clear the way for all hearts and minds to open wide, for our joy to shine forth from within and for peace to reign for thousands of years and beyond!"

Again, he paused and took a long breath before continuing, "Are we all in alignment with the intentions made here today for the Highest and Best Good of the Universe, ourselves and everyone everywhere?"

Without exception, the word "YES!" resounded from each leader in the circle, echoing across the lawn, across the city and out into the far reaches of the cosmos. And the cosmos smiled down on the new light emanating from the earth. This is what the cosmos had been waiting for. Now there would be peace.


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