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Many people know nowadays that there are Invisible Beings who will rally to our side if we would only call them forth. Indeed, these helpers are reaching out to us in exactly the same measure that we reach out to them. Invocations are a way for us to reach out; they allow us to build a bridge between us and the invisible worlds. Those whose perceptions are becoming enhanced can noticeably feel it when the Angelic Beings and Guides gather around after having been called forth. Here are two examples of Invocations that you can use, if you like.

This Invocation mentions specific names and you can choose to include them or leave them out as you see fit. It is excerpted from The Intenders Handbook.

And now we invite and invoke our guides and helpers. We call Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, Buddha, Lee Ching, Kuan Yin, St. Francis, Krishna, All Our Relations, The Ascended Masters, The Archangels, Moses, Mohammed, Yogananda, Gandhi, Abdul Baha, St. Germain, (add your own favorite guides here), and all those who stand for the highest good. We give great thanks that you join us here today and we ask that our intentions return to us in great measure. And, as always, we say that, in order to manifest, all of our intentions must serve the highest and best good of the Universe, ourselves and all others. So be it and so it is.

The following is an Invocation from a recent Intenders Cybercircle. As always, you can edit it to suit your own tastes.

I give great thanks that we are all together here in our circle. And now I would like to call forth all of our personal guardian angels; those who follow us around throughout our days to see to it that we stay on the path that we set for ourselves before we came into these bodies, before we came into this world. And I call forth the Ascended Masters; those who've set an example for us by shining their light and sharing their love throughout all of time; And now I call forth the Archangels, those who watch over us from above; and I call forth our ancestors, all those who paved the way for us to have the experiences that we have today and to evolve as we do. And now I invite and invoke the Nature Spirits; the Hawks the Eagles. the Dolphins, the Whales, the Wolves, the Hummingbirds, the Devas and all those benevolent Nature Spirits who are in loving partnership with humankind. And, indeed, I call forth and honor the four directions, the elements and all Beings in all realms, in all worlds, in all dimensions, in all realities across the whole of the Universe who stand tall for the Highest Good: I invite you and invoke you to our Circle at this time. I give great thinks that you join us. And I ask that you help in bringing our Intentions into manifestation in great measure. So Be It and So It Is!

Many people are not familiar with Invocations so here is a link so you can listen to a 2 minute example of an Invocation. Click Here.

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