The Intenders Protocol

(when it’s your turn to say your Intentions)




  Greeting - “Hi! I’m Tony.”

  Say your Gratitudes - “I’m grateful for . . .”

  Say your Intentions - “I intend that . . .”

  Share Your Vision for your ideal world - “I see a world where . . .”

  The Highest Good Clause - “And I intend that all my intentions must serve the Highest Good of the Universe, myself and everyone everywhere.” (Note: Even if you forget to say it, it’s understood that all intentions placed in our Intenders Circles must serve the Highest Good in order to manifest.)

  Alignment - “Do you align with me?” or “Are you with me?”

  Everyone says “YES!”

  Say “So Be It!”

  Everyone says “And So It Is!”

  Everyone says “It is Done. It is Done. It is DONE!”

  Tag the next person.