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"I AM"Chant Magnets

Create daily chants to empower your soul with these fun-to-use magnetic words of affirmation! Just put them on your fridge or filing cabinet - anywhere you will get to see them often. They are perfect for integrating the Third Intent of The Code - Set Your Course - into your life!

Spirit Version

I Am Spirit Magnets by Katharine Emlen

Goddess Version
I Am Goddess Magnets by Katharine Emlen

Professional Version
I Am Professional Magnets by Katharine Emlen

$14.95 each  Go to order page

The Story of how Katharine created her I Am Chant Magnets is inspiring in itself. She says:

"I created the "I AM" Chant Magnets as a fun, tangible way to create daily affirmations and build self-esteem. Why? Because believing in yourself is important!

The words we say to ourselves can be extremely detrimental, or extremely powerful! I know, I was controlled by negative thoughts for many years. It was after chanting affirmations to myself, over and over, that my perceptions of myself changed and I became more confident.

When I saw friends of mine trapped in their negative thinking, I started creating affirmation kits for them.

My very first kit was made with little pieces of card stock that had Velcro on the back. I had a picture frame with felt in it and an "I AM" stuck to the top. The idea was, the Velcro words would stick to the felt.

Next came a little wooden box with a small wooden board inside. On the board I stuck teeny little clothes pins and wrote the words, "I AM". All the adjectives I hand wrote on card stock and I filled the box with them. This box version included a poem that is now a part of Believe.

Eventually, at the suggestion of a friend, I decided to try magnets and it all fell into place (well, after a few rough drafts). :)

The orange one was my first set. I call it the Goddess Chant, for it brought out the Goddess in myself as well as my friends.

The purple one was created by students at Lane Community College. They chose the words, and they suggested the YOU ARE and the blank pieces. I call this one the Professional Chant.

And the third one with a new look and feel is called the Spirit Chant because it is filled with words that are meant to enhance our spiritual growth. I intend that you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it!

So have fun! Empower yourself! Or, leave a message for a loved one. For when you believe in the things you say, you'll hold the power to create your day!"

Katherine also has a wonderful Children's Book available called "BELIEVE."
You can Click Here to find out more about it.

Believe by Katharine Emlen

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