The Intenders Cybercircle Format

(The Updated Intenders Circle Format adapted for the internet)


1.    Introductions ~ The first time you meet with your group you can start out by asking everyone to introduce themselves, say where they're from, and say a bit about themselves.


2.   Win of the Week ~ In subsequent meetings, people won't need to introduce themselves again unless there are newcomers so you can go directly to the 2 minute Win of the Week where each person shares something good that happened to them recently. The only guidelines here are to keep it to 2 minutes or under and if someone can't think of something good that happened to them recently it's better if they pass rather than share any negativity, especially at the beginning of the meeting.


3.  Optional Invocation and Short Guided Meditation ~ After the Intros or the Win of the Week, you can go directly to saying your Gratitudes, Intentions and Visions (like you see us doing in Part 3 of our Cybercircle YouTubes.) Or you can go to several different options that can be led by anyone in the group. In our Cybercircle, we wouldn’t miss the Invocation because we've learned that there's much more support and assistance coming to us from the invisible than we were led to believe. Nor would we miss the Meditation because it's so relaxing and helps us let go of the cares and concerns of the day.


4.  The Cybercircle ~ Each person takes a turn saying their Gratitudes, Intentions and Visions (see the Intenders Cybercircle Protocol.)


5.  Empowering Conversation ~ Here we pick a positive, non-political topic and talk about it for a few minutes. In this part people can choose to take part or just listen and soak up the wisdom that's being shared.


6.  Socializing, Networking, & Having Fun! (with the Google Effects  . . .)


*Note ~ It's very important to note here that each group will decide the format and flow of their own Cybercircle. The only thing we recommend is that you share your Gratitudes, Intentions and Visions for your ideal world and line them all up with the Highest Good. We know that this will give you excellent results. Other than that, you can run your Cybercircle anyway you like.