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Christmas 2018

Table of Contents

~Two Christmas Gifts for you
~Starting an Intenders Circle? Use our Intention Circle Guidelines Poster
~A Word from our Intenders Guide, Lee Ching
~The Intenders Highest Good Phrase Poster
~Our NEWEST Holiday Stocking Stuffer with Free Shipping until New Years!

Two Christmas Gifts for you

As we head into the heart of the 2018 Holiday Season, The Intenders would like to give you two gifts that are meant to accelerate your intending and manifesting. The first is a sheet that can be passed around your circle so that newcomers can follow the protocol for saying their intentions and gratitudes without having to be prompted as often. The second gift is a poster of the Highest Good phrase that explains exactly how the Highest Good works when it is included into your intentions. We intend that you enjoy and make good use of these new tools, and that they make your your Intention Circle experience easier and more effortless.

Starting an Intenders Circle?
You can use our Intention Circle Guidelines Poster

This Intenders Circle Guidelines and Information sheet was created awhile back by Cincinnati Intenders, Liz Loring and Vicki Friend. We used it when we had our workshop there last summer and it worked so well that we decided to make it available to all of our Intenders Circles. It is especially helpful when you are starting a new Intention Circle or when you have newcomers who don't know the order of things to say when it is their turn to share their intentions and gratitudes.

You can click on the image of this Intenders Circle Guidelines below to download it. Then, you can print it out and make copies for your group. It can also be downloaded from our Intenders Circle page at

Click here or on the image below to download.

Intenders Circle Guidelines Sheet

Intention Circles help you get rid of your fear of speaking in public.
They offer a supportive way for you to be comfortable in groups.
When everyone in the circle is wanting you to succeed
and to have your intentions manifested and your desires fulfilled,
you can relax when it is your turn to speak.
Intention Circles teach you to come from your heart.

Lee Ching

The Intenders Highest Good Phrase Poster

The Highest Good phrase is the Intenders magic wand. It has helped us so much over the years to keep us in line with our highest calling in life. In fact, as the years went by, we realized that it was working on us in several different ways - so much so that intenders Michael Jelinek and Leigh Anne Morano of the Des Moines intenders decided to embellish it a bit so that it can be even better understood by those who use it. We intend that this poster helps you see the close relationship between the Highest Good and your intention-making.

This helpful poster is also available on our Free Posters page at

Click here or on the image below to download.

The Highest Good Phrase

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The Highest Good Quartet


Tony Burroughs is one of the more prolific visionaries of our time. He is the author of 12 self empowerment books and the cofounder of the worldwide Intenders of the Highest Good community. His widely acclaimed Vision Alignment Project recently surpassed 2.75 million alignments. The Intenders websites are located at,, and Or you can join us on The Intenders Founders Circle on Facebook, The Intenders YouTube Channel or TonyBurroughs.Net.

To contact our original Intenders intuitive messenger, Tina Stober (and her guides, Lee Ching and Kuan Yin), call 808-982-6774 in Hawaii - and please be mindful that it is several hours earlier there.

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The Intenders are anchoring the Highest Good to Earth. Accordingly, we're seeing everyone around us (including ourselves) in their Highest Light - even while some are unable to see it in themselves. We also create community by sharing our format for gathering in Intenders Circles. For, just as The Code is a template for creating self-empowerment and personal freedom, the Intenders Circle holds the blueprint for coming together in conscious community during the current transition and beyond.

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