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When we introduced The Code to the world, several Intenders recommended that, along with our Code for personal conduct, we ought to create a Code of Conduct for communities to follow. We were told that groups of all kinds, including churches, businesses, families, and many more were looking for a mission statement or an empowering guideline that honored the highest good and supported everyone in the group.

As a result we now offer you The Community Code. It is a perfect tool if you are intending to provide your group with a reference point for relating to each other and to the world.

If you find that you are in a group, any group - it could be a neighborhood with people honestly intending to work out their differences and come together, or it could be a diverse conglomeration of people who were thrown together by a quirk of fate - you could make a compact among yourselves to live by The Community Code and see what happens.

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The Community Code

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