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Aaron Jacobson Photo

Aaron Jacobson is a singer/songwriter and independent recording artist with a background in classical voice and theater. His original material is predominately centered on recognizing Spirit & Peace in a world of illusion. After teaching in the public schools for five years, he has taken his love of learning to the spiritual community and is now sharing The Code with the encouragement of Tony Burroughs, author of The Code and co-founder of The Intenders of the Highest Good. Originally from Colorado, Aaron welcomes the Aquarian Age through his music, teachings and website. His first album is entitled Wrestling with Angels is available at: He can be reached at:

Aaron Jacobson's CD - Wrestling with Angels

Aaron's CD

Wrestling with Angels includes songs like "Lullaby of the Archangels" and "Branches of the Soul", stirring pieces that have taken our workshops into a whole new dimension. It also showcases "A Father's Song" which often closes our live events with a delicate touch. This entirely acoustic album features 11 songs leaving you with a sense of transcendence and empowerment. Five Stars! We highly recommend it!

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