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The Intenders of the Highest Good show you how to set your intention to have that which you desire come to you as easily and effortlessly as possible. We have rediscovered a simple method of empowerment that we call The Intention Process which is making all of our dreams come true. We understand that our desires are in us to be fulfilled and that our thoughts create our world. We support and help one another to become as clear as possible in our words and our thoughts so that we can live our lives to the fullest.

Anyone can do it! Just by saying your intentions each day and gathering together on a regular basis with your friends in an Intention Circle, you can change your life for the better.

These Intention Circles are designed to provide you with a unique format for coming together with your friends and neighbors. You do not have to live near one another in order to use the Intention Process. In fact, we offer several ways for people who live at great distances from each other to take part. Now, you can easily join or set up your own Intenders Cybercircle!

WINS: Manifestation Stories from the Intenders
Manifestation Stories from the Intenders
WINS Ebook - $5 - Limited Offer

Our Create Your Own Community Package

Sign up for The Vision Alignment Project
Sign up for The Vision Alignment Project

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The Intenders is free:  There are no dues to pay, no memberships to join, and no leadership positions to occupy. You do not even have to call yourselves Intenders. You can create your own conscious community by following our guidelines and call your group whatever you like.

The Intention Process is for those who want to use the Laws of Manifestation in their daily lives and have a lot of fun while they're at it!

"The Intenders Handbook  is simple and empowering!
This is one of the best books on the planet."
- Lee Ching

All of our Intenders Cybercircles, Newsletters, Bridge Messages and Visions are free. The Intenders Newsletter comes out two times a month. If you sign up for either The Intenders Bridge Messages or The Vision Alignment Project you will automatically receive The Intenders Newsletter. We have expanded the number of Bridge Messages so there are now 240 of them - and we have also spread them out so that after the first 44 days you will begin to receive them every other day. We are continually adding more Visions to The Vision Alignment Project which at present total 175 in number. These Visions are sent out every other day for the first 22 days and then they will arrive every three days after that.

The Intenders Bridge Messages and The Vision Alignment Project are uniquely different from one another. The Bridge Messages are a Course in Self Empowerment and The Vision Alignment Project is a way for you to Create a Better World. Many people are subscribed to both programs at the same time, and you are welcome to do so.

BTW: Your Email Address will NEVER be sold, rented or provided to any third party. Period.


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